TruPro, Inc Terms & Conditions


Please pay from the invoice. This is the only notice you will receive. Invoice is payable within 15 days. A service charge will be added to all past due accounts equal to 1-1/2% per month (18% annually) on previous months balance less payments received during the month. A $40 service charge will be added to any account for each returned check. Failure to pay will result in your information being reported to a collections agency and/or a mechanical lien filed at the courts where work was performed.

Unless specifically agreed, liability for any appliance shall not exceed an amount of or equal to five times the cost of our labor to repair each individual item. Depreciation values apply.


TruPro, Inc. or its authorized agent agrees to perform the work specified in a professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. The technician is limited in attaining the best results due to the condition and nature of the article being repaired.

Listed below are conditions and limitations which are most commonly encountered and for which we disclaim liability and for which the customer agrees not to hold us responsible.

1. In order to repair your appliance, it must be moved. There is a possibility of damage of which you should be made aware. Although we are careful, many floor-covering materials in use today are soft, and appliances tend to depress the floor covering and adhere to it. Movement can sometimes cause a tear or deep scratches on the flooring.

2. Some built-in appliances become wedged too tightly and are difficult, if not impossible to move without marring the surrounding area.

The work performed with any of these conditions or limitations is done at the customer's risk.

Any questions regarding our workmanship must be reported within three days after completion of work or any additional service required may be subject to a service charge at our option.

APPLIANCE REPAIR (without a home warranty plan):
Our work is guaranteed for 365 days and parts are warrantied for 365 days if purchased by TruPro, Inc. As a customer you have the right to purchase your part independently, however TruPro, Inc will NOT be able to warranty the part.

APPLIANCE REPAIR (with a home warranty plan):
Workmanship and materials are guaranteed per the terms and agreement of your warranty company.

Customer acknowledges that he/she has read and understand the terms & conditions and agree to same.