Service King Terms & Conditions

Payment; on all completed work is due and payable at time of service or upon receipt of invoice.
Warranty; standard labor warranty is 30 days, parts typically one year. Other warranties may apply and will be listed on the individual invoice or stated here.

Warranty repairs; AC equipment installed by Service King, we will repair any defect in the workmanship and AC equipment free of charge during the first year of service. Beyond the first year, for the duration of the manufactures warranty, we will repair the equipment at our regular rates and deduct the cost of the repair parts supplied,. example $500 repair, warranty parts cost $100 repair total $400

Warranty repairs on AC equipment not installed by us. We do not do warranty repairs on AC equipment that was not installed by us, except for current service contract customers.

Platinum service contract customers receive these repairs at no added cost.
Gold service contract customers receive the parts credit and 20% discount on the repair cost.
Silver service contract customers receive the parts credit and 15% discount on the repair cost.

Freon charging and leak repairs; If your AC system requires adding Freon, you may have a leak. Freon leaks are costly and detrimental to system performance and life. Our technicians will determine the best course of action, which may include charging with up to 2 pounds with no further action. Freon leaks over two pounds at the minimum a sealant with a dye should be installed. The leak should be looked for and repair recommendations discussed. AC units that are down 50% or more will need to be repaired or replaced.

Freon: the refrigerant chemicals coursing through your AC system have gotten quite expensive. R-22 freon which has been discontinued for several years no has sky rocketed. We don't recommend anything more than a minor top off. Beyond that replacement of the system is advised. Electrical repairs and maintenance is still practical for these units.

AC system service life: In general AC units 15 years or older are considered at the end of their life. We may after performing the initial diagnosis decline to make the repair. The service call and trip charge is due and payable. Experience has taught us that in the long run its a disservice to our customers.